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Makers Academy presents...

Coding Days

Europe's brand new web design bootcamp

Learn to code in one weekend. By the end of the course you'll have your own website, hosted for one year!

Learn to code in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Learn to code in the most widely used languages on the web

basic functioning of a server

What is a server? How does it work? Have you ever heard about a DNS? It will be way clearer at the end of the weekend

Learn about responsive web design

Optimize your website for tablet, smartphone, TV and even printers!

SEO tips and tricks

Learn how to get your site ranking highly on Google and Bing

Frameworks and libraries

We will learn how to make the difference and how to use both Bootstrap and jQuery

Deploying a website

The weekend will culminate in you pushing your website live for the world to see

Coding Days has been created by a Makers Academy alum. Passionate about coding with a sharing mindset, they launched the intensive, weekend bootcamp in France in order to acculturate people to the web development world. They are now coming to UK in partnership with Makers Academy!

Take advantage of a special introductory offer price of just £300.00 for the weekend.