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hire brilliant, diverse software engineers

We accept 1 in 10 applicants, and 35% of our developers are women!

We offer

A £500 discount to every woman on our course, equating to over £100,000 invested towards women in tech.

We sponsor

Places for women from disadvantaged backgrounds on our course by partnering with IBM, Skimlinks and Thoughtworks.

We believe

That diverse teams create better business outcomes. Overcoming the gender imbalance is the first step.

“Makers Academy gives us a different type of software engineer: people who are work-ready, who bring a breadth of life experience and innovative ways of thinking.”


Graduated July 2016

Elia Bardashevich

Airline Manager to Developer

Tough. Frustrating. Challenging and very rewarding.

Graduated August 2016

Anna Smith

Criminal lawyer to Junior Developer at the BBC

The Makers experience was unlike any other. I have learnt to code and carved out a new career for myself alongside some of the most diverse and inspiring people I have ever met.

Graduated August 2016

Eleanor Vilimaite

Front end Developer to Junior Developer at Career Interactive

It's been good. I've met a lot of different people.

Graduated July 2016

Mara Wanot

Tech Recruiter to Junior Developer at The Financial Times

Makers Academy is a life investment that will free you out of a boring job

Graduated March 2015

Hannah Carney

3D Designer to Junior Developer at Play Consulting

Graduated Remote July 2016

Maria Romero

Food trader to Junior Developer at News UK

Makers Academy has been a life changing experience.

Graduated May 2016

Misa Ogura

Cancer Biologist to Full Stack Developer at Big Health

The best thing I've ever done.

Graduated January 2016

Vicky Gray

Education administrator to Developer at MoJ

Amazing, fun & not for the faint hearted.

Graduated May 2016

Annemarie Kohler

Customer Support Representative to Junior Developer

It's less time and money than a university degree and you learn everything you need to start a career really quickly!

Graduated April 2016

Rachel Smith

IT Helpdesk Coordinator to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

It's definitely the best thing I've ever done. If anything, I wish I hadn't waited.

Graduated April 2016

Emma Baddeley

Project and Programme Manager to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

I feel like I can make a change in peoples lives now

Graduated April 2016

Ina Tsetsova

Campaign Manager to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

I found a really nice community and I've met really cool people.

Graduated April 2016

Viola Crellin

Advertising to Software Developer at Trayport

Makers Academy made me realise that what I like to do is learn stuff so I just keep on learning. I don't see anything as scary anymore and I see it as an opportunity to learn.

Graduated April 2016

Heather Campbell

Product Owner to Software Developer at Trayport

After graduation I went to the careers fair. Went to an interview with a hiring partner through that and got a job! It all happened very quickly

Graduated January 2016

Amy Yang

Architect to Junior Developer at TES Global

Makers Academy is playground where you work extremely hard, make life long friends, experiment with new ideas and technologies everyday, learn and discover a part of yourself that you never thought you knew

Graduated February 2016

Emma Beynon

Digital marketer to Junior Developer at Government Digital Service

My Makers Academy experience was intense, stressful, fulfilling and fun!

Graduated November 2015

Emily Worrall

Maths graduate to Junior Developer Festicket

My Makers Academy experience was incredible.

Graduated November 2015

Harriet Craven

Professional dancer to Junior Software Developer at The Sanger Institute.

I'm just so much happier and I'm excited about the future.

Graduated November 2015

Lucy Fang

Third Sector Marketing Manager to Graduate Software Developer at Thoughtworks

One of the best learning experiences of my life.

Graduated October 2015

Emily Carson

Analyst to Junior Developer at Vzaar

Makers Academy is like nothing I've ever done before and it's changed my life for the better.

Graduated August 2015

Nicola Hughes

Data Journalist to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks

I can code and I got a job and I'm now looking forward to working in the tech industry and not just media.

Graduated August 2015

Kirsten Jones

Lawyer to Junior Developer at Financial Times

Makers Academy is an incredible environment to learn in. You don't just learn to code here but you also have lots of fun and meet great people and have an amazing support network of expert coders and wellbeing support.

Graduated August 2015

Zeina Dajani

Student to Junior Developer at FNZ

Makers Academy changes your life, how you look at it and what you want to do with it.

Graduated June 2015

Sara O'Connor

Childrens Author to Junior Developer at Exceedra

A total emotional rollercoaster with great people on the ride with me!

Graduated October 2014

Ruth Earle

Full-time Mum to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is an investment in yourself and to be honest, it’s quite cheap in the long run. It’s about you as a person and you are gaining skills that will be extremely useful for many, many years and when you look at it that way, it's actually a steal.

Graduated December 2014

Tatiana Soukiassian

PR to Junior Developer at Government Digital Service

I went on several interviews and found a position as a Junior Developer for Government Digital Service. I'm very lucky to be in a team that is truly Agile and supports my learning through mentorship, a 20% project and more.

Graduated March 2015

Bibiana Cristòfol

Project Manager Intern and Coordinator to Web Application Developer at Tempus Energy

Intense but worth it.

Graduated December 2014

Nicole Pellicena

Marketing Manager to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

The three words to describe Makers Academy are crazy, intense and awesome.

Graduated May 2015

Alexandra Parkinson

Retail Worker to Junior Developer at Punk Publishing

MA was really fun, exciting and my first experience in education that I actually enjoyed!

Graduated January 2015

Mishal Islam

Environmental Geography Grad to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

Makers Academy was the best investment I ever made!

Graduated May 2015

Vanessa Virgitti

Online Marketing Manager to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is challenging and intense, but full of rewards!

Graduated January 2015

Rachel Nolan

Subscription Cheese Box Startup to Junior Developer at Atos

Makers was great fun! The best thing I’ve done in terms of education!

Graduated May 2014

Sarah Young

Academic to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

My time at Makers Academy was intellectually challenging, a roller coaster of joy, and one of the best decisions of my life.


Denise Yu

MSc in Social Policy to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

I now have an interesting job that forces me to think and learn something new everyday and that’s not something I can say for the other jobs I’ve had.

Graduated June 2014

Sroop Sunar

Illustrator to Junior Developer at New Bamboo

Students from Makers Academy are not the same kind of species as normal developers out there and it’s your background and experiences that don’t necessarily relate to coding that will give you an edge.

Graduated June 2014

Stefania Cardenas

ICT Recruiter to Junior Developer at Onfido

Makers Academy changed my life. It gave me the confidence to know that I can achieve whatever I want in life.

Graduated December 2014

Yvette Cook

Project Manager to iOS Developer at MyGravity

MA was probably the best experience of my life! It was life-changing and like any big change, it wasn’t always easy but I now feel that my future is very bright.

Graduated October 2014

Ethel Ng

Psychology Graduate to Junior Developer at usTwo

I received a job offer on the Monday after graduation.

Graduated October 2014

Maya Driver

Website Manager to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

It was the hardest thing I've ever done and the best thing I've ever done.

Graduated December 2014

Elena Garrone

Restaurant Supervisor to Junior Developer at Legal & General in Hove

Makers Academy will stay with me forever!

Graduated December 2014

Sandrine Zhang Ferron

Investment analyst to Tech Business Founder

Without Makers Academy, I don't think I would have been able to build a website myself.

Graduated December 2014

Karin Nielsen

Management Director to Translation Technology Startup Entrepreneur

Makers Academy was the twelve most intense, insanely challenging and rewarding weeks of my life!

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