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Win a place on the Makers Academy Remote coding course

Sponsored by Mattessons Fridge Raiders (powering you up to the next level)

Makers Academy is Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp. If you’re 18 years or over, enter now to be in with a chance to change your life by learning to code in 12 weeks! If you’re not 18, you’re still free to enter and if you win we will hold your place for you, you’ll just have to wait until your 18 to actually start the course.

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What is Makers Academy Remote?

Makers Academy is Europe's leading Web Developer bootcamp. With our help, you'll learn the principles of software craftsmanship and we'll also help you get your first job. Makers Academy Remote is the online version of the course and can be done from wherever you are.

The Competition Process

Learning to code with Makers Academy is a serious commitment. To be considered you must complete two online resources Codecademy Ruby and Chapters 1-8 of Learn to Program by Chris Pine – around four days’ work, once that work is completed you will be sent a second task and from that the top 20 people will be invited for an interview and from that one lucky winner will be chosen!

The offer

Mattessons Fridge Raiders is offering one lucky person the chance to complete the online Makers Academy Remote coding course for free. The three-month course, normally £4,000, will teach students the fundamentals of commercial coding across the core programming languages of Ruby and Javascript, and is designed specifically to help place graduates in a job. The winner will need to commit 3 months full time to the course.


I'm not 18 yet can I still enter this competiton?

You are still welcome to enter the competiton and complete the online resouces. If you win, you will have to wait until you are 18 to enroll but in the in the interim we can send you lots of resources and potentially give you access to our pre-course.

What is the criteria?

The overall winner that will be selected will have a real interest and desire to learn to code, would have finished Codeacademy and the Chris Pine task, completed 2nd phase and passed the Makers Academy interview. You will need to be able to commit 3 months full-time and be aged 18 at the start of the course.

When is the deadline?

We will stop taking in more enteries by December the 1st but the winner could be potentially selected before then so the quicker you do the work and show your commitment the more likely you might be in with a chance to win!

Can I take this part time?

Unfortunately not. One of the keys to our course is being immersed into a full time coding. We don't offer a part time course at the moment.

Do you offer any kind of post-graduation assistance?

Absolutely. We want to help in any way that we can - be that helping a student find their first (or second or third) position or just merely providing advice. We have built an extensive alumni network for all graduates. We now have a full time team to look after all post course arrangements and ensure you get a job.