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Our graduates come from all sorts of backgrounds: everything from academics and bankers to university leavers and stay at home parents. The diversity of our students has proved one thing: no matter your background, you can change career by learning to code in 12 weeks.

Graduated June 2017

Jini Coroneo

Project Manager to Junior Developer at Acrotrend

Similar to a rollercoaster, with lows and high. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Graduated September 2016

Jack Oddy

Restaurant supervisor to Junior Developer at ANDigital

It's been super intense and good times, bad times, it's been high pressure but I've also met people I think are going to be good friends for a long time.

Graduated August 2016

Jonathan Passe

Youth Hostel deputy manager to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks Germany

Given the quality of what you receive it's really good value compared to most universities.

Graduated April 2016

Rebecca Piper

Maths graduate to Junior Developer at Tombola

Completing the course made me feel more prepared for working in industry and I have a great understanding which has benefitted me throughout my time in my current role.

Graduated October 2016

Tam Borine

Student to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks

Makers Academy is life changing

Graduated June 2016

Fergus Orbach

Pricing analyst to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks

Great people and I learnt more than I thought was possible in 3 months

Graduated August 2016

Marco Araujo

Head Teacher to Junior Developer at Elysium

Makers is more than learning how to code.

Graduated Remote September 2016

Alex Saunders

Global Mobility at EY to Junior Developer at Existent Ltd

So, so valuable and I think it's only now that I'm working that I've realised just how much I've learnt.

Graduated September 2016

James Steel

Sous Chef to Junior Developer

I have a new job, more confidence and made some new friends.

Graduated December 2016

Caitlin Gulliford

Unemployed to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks.

I have my dream job and I feel like I am unstoppable.

Graduated May 2017

Charlotte Fereday

Programmes Manager to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks

Life changing. Completing Makers Academy accelerated my learning with an amazing group of like minded individuals. Not only did it provide me with fundamentals of programming, it also enabled me to learn how to continue learning in an industry that is constantly changing. The meditation & yoga have also helped me to better deal with situations I find challenging.

Graduated April 2016

Joe Wroe

Mortgage Broker to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks.

Makers Academy is really exciting and friendly. A step into the unknown.

Graduated September 2016

Prashant Mathias

Studio Engineer to Junior Developer at Music Group Innovation UK

Exciting, scary, challenging, fun and very very rewarding. One of the best experiences of my life.

Graduated Remote September 2016

Robert Summers

Insurance Technican to Junior Developer at Armakuni

It was an intense but very rewarding experience.

Graduated Remote November 2016

Amaal Ali

Assistant Lecturer to Junior Developer at Sage UK

An amazing transformative experience that has taught me how to be a developer

Graduated September 2016

Sophie Gill

Project Manager to Junior Developer at ANDigital

Makers Academy was intense and lifechanging

Graduated July 2016

Daniel Ortiz

Banker to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks Spain

I'm now part of a community where there is no upper limit in terms of growth

Graduated August 2016

Merve Taner

Pharmaceutical account manager to Junior Developer at Spabreaks

Makers Academy was fun, full of friendships and learning while pushing myself beyond my limits.

Graduated August 2016

Van Le

Front end developer to Full Stack developer at Lost My Name

I feel like I've made a big career improvement and a career jump.

Graduated April 2016

Mic Cassano

IT Consultant to Developer at Pi-Top

Crazy Nerdy Rollercoaster!

Graduated July 2016

Elia Bardashevich

Airline Manager to Developer

Tough. Frustrating. Challenging and very rewarding.

Graduated August 2016

Anna Smith

Criminal lawyer to Junior Developer at the BBC

The Makers experience was unlike any other. I have learnt to code and carved out a new career for myself alongside some of the most diverse and inspiring people I have ever met.

Graduated April 2016

Matthew Bridges

Recruiter to Junior Developer at Farm Digital

Makers Academy completely changed the direction I was going in for the expense of 6 months of very hard work.

Graduated July 2016

Michael Harrison

Software Tester to Junior Developer at Magnetic North

I have no regret about spending money on Makers Academy. One of the best decisions I've made.

Graduated Remote September 2016

Joe Sweeny

Flooring Director to Junior Developer at Opia

My life has changed dramatically, I have knowledge and skills that I didn't even know existed this time last year.

Graduated Remote April 2016

Richard Watkins

Science Teacher to Junior Developer at Shift

I landed the job 28 days after finishing the course.

Graduated September 2016

Sivan Patel

Physics graduate to Junior Developer at Simply Business

Makers Academy was incredibly tiring and incredibly worthwhile.

Graduated August 2016

Elena Vilimaite

Front end Developer to Junior Developer at Career Interactive

It's been good. I've met a lot of different people.

Graduated July 2016

Mara Wanot

Tech Recruiter to Junior Developer at The Financial Times

Makers Academy is a life investment that will free you out of a boring job

Graduated March 2015

Hannah Carney

3D Designer to Junior Developer at Play Consulting

I've finally found a job I love

Graduated Remote July 2016

Maria Romero

Food trader to Junior Developer at News UK

Makers Academy has been a life changing experience.

Graduated May 2016

Misa Ogura

Cancer Biologist to Full Stack Developer at Big Health

The best thing I've ever done.

Graduated Remote October 2015

Norm Fasey

Software Engineer to Developer at Sky TV

It enabled me to learn some useful skills and bring me up to date with some cutting edge technologies that are very much sought after in the job marketplace.

Graduated January 2016

Vicky Gray

Education administrator to Developer at MoJ

Amazing, fun & not for the faint hearted.

Graduated May 2016

Lorenzo Turrino

Store Manager to Developer at Farm Digital

It helped me focus, work hard, and learn as much as I could.

Graduated January 2016

Andrew Dowell

Analyst to Junior Developer at Springer

Everyone at Makers has been really helpful, especially on the Ronin side of things. It's defo been good value for money.

Graduated May 2016

Annemarie Kohler

Customer Support Representative to Junior Developer

It's less time and money than a university degree and you learn everything you need to start a career really quickly!

Graduated Remote April 2016

Reiss Johnson

Photographer to Junior Developer at Createk.io

If you're willing to work hard, it's more than possible to get a great job with a great salary

Graduated February 2016

William Bautista

PR Analyst to Junior Developer at Smart Pension

Best experience in my life!

Graduated April 2016

Rachel Smith

IT Helpdesk Coordinator to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

It's definitely the best thing I've ever done. If anything, I wish I hadn't waited.

Graduated April 2016

Rufus Raghunath

Research Scientist to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

There is a lot of opportunity for people like us, but you have to reach for it.

Graduated Remote June 2015

Rob Bowers

Entrepreneur who learnt to code

It gave me a new perspective and expanded the potential of the business.

Graduated February 2016

Jonathan Gardiner

Digital Marketer to Junior Developer at Global Web Index

The work and life border liners have been blurred. I no longer dread monday mornings and look forward to work!

Graduated February 2016

Giamir Buoncristiani

Bartender to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

It was an experience that I'll remember all my life.

Graduated April 2016

Emma Baddeley

Project and Programme Manager to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

I feel like I can make a change in peoples lives now

Graduated February 2016

James Borrell

Mechanical Engineering Student to Junior Developer at Wazoku

Just do it and take the plunge and it will be worth it.

Graduated April 2016

Ina Tsetsova

Campaign Manager to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

I found a really nice community and I've met really cool people.

Graduated April 2016

Arnold Manzano

Electronic Engineer to Junior Developer at PensionBee

Learning to code + Awesome people = Makers Academy

Graduated April 2016

Harry Gordon

Engineering Student to Junior Developer at Capco

Makers was the best education I've had - it's the first time I've been engaged in what I'm doing.

Graduated April 2016

Zeshan Rasul

Corporate Finance to Graduate Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

I've now got new skills that I couldn't even imagine I could have a few months ago. I'm now in an industry that really excites me.

Graduated April 2016

Viola Crellin

Advertising to Software Developer at Trayport

Makers Academy made me realise that what I like to do is learn stuff so I just keep on learning. I don't see anything as scary anymore and I see it as an opportunity to learn.

Graduated April 2016

Heather Campbell

Product Owner to Software Developer at Trayport

After graduation I went to the careers fair. Went to an interview with a hiring partner through that and got a job! It all happened very quickly

Graduated April 2016

Marcus Bullock

Business Consultant to Software Developer at Trayport

My Makers Academy experience was fantastic and exhilarating and it's great to be young again!

Graduated January 2016

Deon Tan

Financial analyst to Junior Software engineer at Gower Street Analytics

My Makers Academy experience was awesome. Within 2 weeks from when I started to apply to jobs I had 3 offers!

Graduated January 2016

Errol Elliott

Business Analyst to Junior Software Engineer at the BBC

My Makers Academy experience was enjoyable in the professionally and social level. It was well worth doing!

Graduated January 2016

Amy Yang

Architect to Junior Developer at TES Global

Makers Academy is playground where you work extremely hard, make life long friends, experiment with new ideas and technologies everyday, learn and discover a part of yourself that you never thought you knew

Graduated Febuary 2016

Chris Wynne

Bar Manager to Junior Developer at Government Digital Services

Makers Academy was tiring but very enjoyable and exceeded my expectations.

Graduated January 2016

George Maddocks

Online Advertising to Junior Developer at TES Global

My Makers Academy experience was fun, mind expanding and ultimately successful.

Graduated January 2016

Aaron Sweeney

Finance to Junior Developer at Showtime Analytics

I met a lot of great people, made a bunch of friends, had a lot of fun and learned a skill that changed my life for the better.

Graduated Febuary 2016

Adam Lancaster

Super yacht crew to Junior Developer at Surfdome

My Makers Academy experience was challenging and rewarding and fantastic!

Graduated November 2015

Moe Sadoon

Account executive to Junior Developer at QA Works

Makers Academy was the best 3 months ever and I'm a happier confident person!

Graduated Febuary 2016

Matt Paul

Sound engineer to Junior Developer at Seenit.io

Great fun and I got to do yoga and mediation as well!

Graduated Febuary 2016

Michael Lennox

Technical recruiter to Junior Developer mGage

My salary is now above average for a Junior Developer in London. I learnt to code in a very short amount of time and got a job very quickly

Graduated February 2016

Emma Beynon

Digital marketer to Junior Developer at Government Digital Service

My Makers Academy experience was intense, stressful, fulfilling and fun!

Graduated October 2015

Edward Withers

English and Maths Tutor to Junior Developer at Surfdome

Makers Academy was life-changing.

Graduated January 2016

Chuka Ebi

University graduate to Creative Technologist at Fjord

My Makers Academy experience was sensational!

Graduated November 2015

Emily Worrall

Maths graduate to Junior Developer Festicket

My Makers Academy experience was incredible.

Graduated November 2015

Anindya Bhattacharyya

Journalist to Junior Developer at PensionBee

Do it! You won't regret it. Coding is a lot easier than people think it is and it's a profession with a future where your skills will always be in demand.

Graduated May 2015

Maciej Kurek

Country Manager to Junior Developer at Immediate Media

The Makers Academy experience gave me a lot of confidence that I can learn quickly and changed the way I learn into a healthy dose of experimenting and breaking things.

Graduated November 2015

Adrian Booth

Finance to Junior Developer at Spabreaks

I've managed to increase my salary by 10% by getting a job as a developer and I know I'll make the money back so it's a good investment.

Graduated November 2015

Harriet Craven

Professional dancer to Junior Software Developer at The Sanger Institute.

I'm just so much happier and I'm excited about the future.

Graduated November 2015

Tim Hyson

Camera technician to Junior Developer at Wonga.

I gambled everything on it being a success and invested all my savings in the belief it would pay off in the end. Now I'm glad I took the risk.

Graduated November 2015

Aaron Kendall

History Graduate to Junior Developer at Moo.com

Makers Academy was an absolute joy of an experience.

Graduated October 2015

Giuseppe De Santis

Technical Support to Junior Developer at AppyParking

My life has changed for the better! I can code and I have a new job.

Graduated July 2015

Tim Robertson

Integrity analyst to Junior Developer at Populi Ltd

Makers Academy was an epic challenge, great fun, personally and professionally rewarding and unforgettable.

Graduated November 2015

Lucy Fang

Third Sector Marketing Manager to Graduate Software Developer at Thoughtworks

One of the best learning experiences of my life.

Graduated October 2015

Emily Carson

Analyst to Junior Developer at Vzaar

Makers Academy is like nothing I've ever done before and it's changed my life for the better.

Graduated August 2015

Gerard Morera

Physics Student to Junior Developer at Betvictor

Best educational experience of my life.

Graduated August 2015

Jonathan Sayer

Finance to Junior Developer at Rawnet

Hardest experience of my life but most worthwhile and fun!

Graduated August 2015

Nicola Hughes

Data Journalist to Junior Developer at ThoughtWorks

I can code and I got a job and I'm now looking forward to working in the tech industry and not just media.

Graduated August 2015

Kirsten Jones

Lawyer to Junior Developer at Financial Times

Makers Academy is an incredible environment to learn in. You don't just learn to code here but you also have lots of fun and meet great people and have an amazing support network of expert coders and wellbeing support.

Graduated August 2015

Zeina Dajani

Student to Junior Developer at FNZ

Makers Academy changes your life, how you look at it and what you want to do with it.

Graduated August 2015

Simon Legg

Paint Salesman to Junior Developer at Financial Times

I can code and I'm starting a new job soon, which is exciting and I've doubled my salary!

Graduated June 2015

Sara O'Connor

Childrens Author to Junior Developer at Exceedra

A total emotional rollercoaster with great people on the ride with me!

Graduated September 2015

Retesh Bajaj

Cardiology Doctor who learnt to code

It was memorable and life changing and my life won't be the same again.

Graduated October 2014

Ruth Earle

Full-time Mum to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is an investment in yourself and to be honest, it’s quite cheap in the long run. It’s about you as a person and you are gaining skills that will be extremely useful for many, many years and when you look at it that way, it's actually a steal.

Graduated December 2014

Tatiana Soukiassian

PR to Junior Developer at Government Digital Service

I went on several interviews and found a position as a Junior Developer for Government Digital Service. I'm very lucky to be in a team that is truly Agile and supports my learning through mentorship, a 20% project and more.

Graduated June 2015

Alex Handy

Management Consultant to Junior Developer at Product Health

You now pay so much money to go to university so the relative cost of joing Makers Academy is minimal and you get the careers service support too.

Graduated August 2015

Paul Harker

Technical Writer to Junior Developer at CloudCredo

It was a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Graduated June 2015

Sammy Abukmeli

Personal Bank Advisor to Junior Developer at Totally Communications

My life has completely changed since joining Makers Academy. Best decision I've ever made.

Graduated June 2015

George McGowan

Operations and Finance Intern to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

Makers Academy was exhausting but rewarding.

Graduated March 2015

Bibiana Cristòfol

Project Manager Intern and Coordinator to Web Application Developer at Tempus Energy

Intense but worth it.

Graduated December 2014

Nicole Pellicena

Marketing Manager to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

The three words to describe Makers Academy are crazy, intense and awesome.

Graduated May 2015

Ed O'Brien

Waiter to Junior Developer at FNZ

I'll be making twice as much as I was before the course so it's definitely a decent investment.

Graduated March 2015

Andrea Armiliato

Communications Student to Junior Developer at FNZ

If you want to learn to code then Makers Academy is worth it.

Graduated January 2015

Nick Dyer

Project Manager to Junior Developer at Atos Consulting

I am now enjoying work and getting to work with cool people. I’m just a lot happier than I was before.

Graduated May 2015

Alexandra Parkinson

Retail Worker to Junior Developer at Punk Publishing

Makers was really fun, exciting and my first experience in education that I actually enjoyed!

Graduated January 2015

Mishal Islam

Environmental Geography Grad to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

Makers Academy was the best investment I ever made!

Graduated May 2015

Vanessa Virgitti

Online Marketing Manager to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is challenging and intense, but full of rewards!

Graduated January 2015

Rachel Nolan

Subscription Cheese Box Startup to Junior Developer at Atos

Makers was great fun! The best thing I’ve done in terms of education!

Graduated March 2015

Andy Newman

Commercial Management to Junior Developer at Financial Times Labs

It's difficult to remember life before Makers, but I'm really looking forward to starting my new career!

Graduated May 2014

Sarah Young

Academic to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

My time at Makers Academy was intellectually challenging, a roller coaster of joy, and one of the best decisions of my life.

Graduated April 2015

Chris Ward

Senior Project Manager to Junior Developer at Alliants

Best decision I could have made.

Graduated March 2015

Matteo Manzo

Hotel Bartender to Junior Software Engineer at Compare The Market

Makers was both a big jump and a huge bet, but it was the best decision I could have made!

Graduated January 2015

Alex Blease

Medical Services IT Manager to Web Developer at CloudCredo

Makers Academy changed my life. I now work in a job that suits me and I really enjoy working how I want.

Graduated December 2014

Zeeshan Rasool

Masters in Financial Economics to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

Intense, awesome, totally worth it!

Graduated December 2014

Craig Horsborough

Recruitment Consultant to Junior Developer at Tombola

Take the leap, you won’t regret it.


Denise Yu

MSc in Social Policy to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

I now have an interesting job that forces me to think and learn something new everyday and that’s not something I can say for the other jobs I’ve had.

Graduated June 2014

Nico Saueressig

Music Producer to Junior Developer at Shutl (eBay)

Makers are doing an amazing job at finding great, unique and dedicated individuals to work with. After graduation three weeks down the line I had two full-time job offers.

Graduated June 2014

Sroop Sunar

Illustrator to Junior Developer at New Bamboo

Students from Makers Academy are not the same kind of species as normal developers out there and it’s your background and experiences that don’t necessarily relate to coding that will give you an edge.

Graduated June 2014

Stefania Cardenas

ICT Recruiter to Junior Developer at Onfido

Makers Academy changed my life. It gave me the confidence to know that I can achieve whatever I want in life.

Graduated May 2014

Andrew Cumine

Aeronautic Engineering Graduate to Junior Developer at Red Badger

Although £8,000 might feel very expensive just think about how much a years' worth of university tuition.

Graduated June 2014

Will Hall

Research & Development Scientist to Junior Developer at Factory Media

My Makers Academy experience was intense, tiring and fun. Everybody was very positive and driven to learn and work together. It was easy to stay motivated in that environment.

Graduated October 2014

Nick Roberts

Business Development Manager to Junior Developer at Red56

Since graduation my life has changed, as I enjoy my work a lot more in general.

Graduated December 2014

Yvette Cook

Project Manager to iOS Developer at MyGravity

Makers was probably the best experience of my life! It was life-changing and like any big change, it wasn’t always easy but I now feel that my future is very bright.

Graduated February 2014

Simon Woolf

Law Student to Junior Developer at Econsultancy

I told Ruben that I was ready to start a full-time job and I got an offer from Econsultancy eight days after that.

Graduated October 2014

Ethel Ng

Psychology Graduate to Junior Developer at usTwo

I received a job offer on the Monday after graduation.

Graduated May 2014

Mario Gintili

Economics Student to Junior Developer at Show My Homework

Since graduation my life is much better. I have good job prospects with growth opportunities.

Graduated December 2014

Tim Scully

From Tesco to Junior Developer at Ogilvy and Mather

A course like this is possibly the best thing you can do to help yourself, both for employability and your own mindset.

Graduated October 2014

Maya Driver

Website Manager to Junior Developer at Deloitte Digital

It was the hardest thing I've ever done and the best thing I've ever done.

Graduated December 2014

Elena Garrone

Restaurant Supervisor to Junior Developer at Legal & General in Hove

Makers Academy will stay with me forever!

Graduated April 2015

Thomas Strothjohann

Newspaper Editor to Junior Developer at Zeit Online

Makers was three of the most empowering months of my life!

Graduated April 2015

Tom Coakes

Marketing Executive to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

I'm getting paid to do the same things I did at Makers Academy and I love it!

Graduated August 2014

Nic Yeeles

Digital Brand Director to Founder of peg.co

Makers Academy gave me the knowledge I needed to build our MVP and I found my two cofounders there.

Graduated December 2014

Sandrine Zhang Ferron

Investment analyst to Tech Business Founder

Without Makers Academy, I don't think I would have been able to build a website myself.

Graduated December 2014

James Jenkins-Yates

Finance to Founder of AirSorted

Join Makers Academy if you want to know tech speak but also if you are looking for a good backup plan, should you not succeed!

Graduated December 2014

Karin Nielsen

Management Director to Translation Technology Startup Entrepreneur

Makers Academy was the twelve most intense, insanely challenging and rewarding weeks of my life!

Makers Academy Graduates

One Year On

Since we started, we've graduated over 1000 students, and these junior developers go on and do some truly fantastic things. Here's a collection of short video interviews that we've produced with top Makers Academy graduates after a year or so in the industry.

Karin Neilsen

Founder at Fluently

Final Projects

Graduates' final projects showcase what you can achieve in just 12 short weeks. Our students have built robots, Internet of Things devices, and real-life client work for charities. Check out the live versions, and discover the technologies they used by looking through their code.

Final Project

Floating Point

Michael Calvey, Eun-Ken Low, Royston Henson, Rachael Mahon, Kyaw Tun Sein, James Gardiner

September 2016

Floating Point is a virtual reality city building game.

Final Project

Save a Nation

Frances Maxwell, Stevie Winston-Gore, Jen Hanratty, Michael Barry, Andy Jenkins

Remote September 2016

Save for a property with your friends and get rewarded with points to spend in a virtual world.

Final Project


Dagmara Szkurlat, Kath Pobee-Norris, Chris Lawrence, Michelle Epstein

September 2016

An Amazon Echo app that helps parents motivate their children to do chores.

Final Project


Elizabeth Wicks, Rosie Gollancz, Anna Lucking and Katy McCann

September 2016

iOS app where you draw a given object which is then sent to your friends to decipher.

Final Project


Nicole Shasha, Asif Hafeez, Stuart Cooper, Anna Beddow

September 2016

An Amazon Echo app that creates an interactive pub quiz game.

Final Project


Felix Harrison, Frankie Bell, Laurent Bouhnik, Li Beh and Tom Page

September 2016

Ensemble is a music collaboration platform where like minded musicians can discover unfinished but promising projects that they can contribute to.

Final Project


Lawrence Dawson, James Hamann, James Stonehill, Joseph Huang, Tam Borine, Johnny Dworzynski

August 2016

An iOS, location based notication and messaging app.

Final Project

UX Buddy

Matthew Perkins, Laura Wilson, Tim Change, Abigail Mcphillips, Rosie Allott, Murtaza Abidi

August 2016

UX Buddy makes testing UX on websites easy.

Final Project


Peter Miklos, Summer Brines, Stephan Gaud, Ben Ross, Erce Kalabalikoglu, Alfie Bullmore

August 2016

Plyr2 is a mobile friendly web app that connects like-minded, sport enthusiasts.

Final Project


Ewan Sheldon, Jonathan Shad, Matt Vickers, Tom Stuart, Andrea Wildsmith, Thao Vo

August 2016

An event and people discovery app

Final Project

Snake on a screen

Royston, Elizabeth W, Mike, Ken

September 2016

The classic snake game from Nokia phones on your screen!

Final Project


Joe Sweeny, Ogulcan Girginc, Samed Yalniz and Bart Judge

Remote July 2016

Create a potion, share the tale!

Final Project

Make It Stop

Richard Bates, Sam Broughton, Luke Cartledge, Prashant Mathias

Remote July 2016

Cross-platform mobile alarm app that wakes you up with a series of games, tasks and challenges.

Final Project


Adam Browner, Harry Jaggs, Julie Leverington, Jonny Moore

Remote July 2016

Cinefile makes sure you catch your favourite films on the big screen, so you don't have to.

Final Project


Godfrey, Frazer, Barry

Remote January 2016

Plan a Roadtrip, and share those special moments - location-aware blogging and mapping for roadtrips.

Final Project


Sara, Heather, Michael, Harry

January 2016

Find surfer locations near me

Final Project


Yan-Yi, Marco, Mark, Russell and David

Remote January 2016

A SPA Music streaming service that aims to distribute revenue fairly among artists. FairMuse tracks the stream count of each listener and divides their monthly subscription proportionately amongst the artists they've listened to that month.

Final Project


Bjoern, Tom, Douglas, Reiss, Alain

Remote January 2016

Share your successes with Moments. Let the world know how you're feeling in real-time through this truly international map-based native iOS application. Join the tide of success!

Final Project

SOS Fixit

Sean, Hannah, Zeshan, Joe

January 2016

Find people in community to help fix your simple problems

Final Project

Local Knowledge

Arnold, Alex, Viola, Marcus

January 2016

Tailored tour from someone with local knowledge

Final Project


Mic, Constantin, Jeremy, Chris, Matt

January 2016

Web-based note-taking with markdown

Final Project


Hamza Sheikh, Mahmud Hussain,Fergus Lemon, Samuel Overloop and Radu Asandei.

October 2015

Changr is an app to help the less advantaged in society receive donations

Final Project

Just Ballz

Amy Yang, Andrew Werner, Dovile Sandaite, Edward Withers, Rebecca Collins

October 2015

Robotic sphero ball control with hand gestures via Leap Motion

Final Project


Mattia Assogna, Julien Doconink, Alaan Rahim, Errol Elliott

October 2015

Find your best housemates

Final Project


Usman, Catherine, Philip and Alex

September 2015

DrWow is a web based application which allows patients to connect with doctors via the web. This will allow them to get consultations without having to wait days or weeks before their GP appointment

Final Project


David, Moe, Ana and Lucy

September 2015

An app that gives you recipes based on what you have in your home.

Final Project


Owen, Retesh, Sarah, Katya-yani and Fadi Hakim

July 2015

A community sourced activity finder and organizer application.

Final Project


Rebecca, Giuseppe, Ken, Benjamina and Brando

July 2015

A collaborative pixel art drawing application

Final Project


Ben, Andy, Lewis, and Chris

July 2015

Live-voting is a realtime polling/voting tool that can be used in situations which have one person speaking in front of an audience.

Final Project

Makers Visitors App

Sarah, Richard, James, Milena

March 2015

An iPhone app that helps visitors coming to Makers Academy, telling them where to go for their meeting, and notifying the relevant Makers staff member of their arrival.

Final Project


Alex, Salman, Faisal and Michael

June 2015

A music discovery application.

Final Project


Daniel, Alex, Chidu, Charlie and Chris

April 2015

Location-based movie scene mapper.

Final Project


Dan, Fiona, Rodney and Tim

April 2015

Contribute to global reforestation, one check-in at a time.

Final Project


Andrea, George, Paul, Kanishk

March 2015

A crowdfunding platform for local community projects.

Final Project

Lend and Tend

Dan, Joe, Gus, Jade

Remote March 2015

Fewer people can afford their own gardens these days, and people with gardens often have to work such long hours that they don't have time to do any gardening. Enter Lend and Tend. We match people with unused gardens they could lend, to people wanting to borrow a garden so they can tend.

Final Project

Street Pacman

Vanessa, Tommaso, Diego, Guido

February 2015

Street Pacman is inspired by the '80s game Pacman but with a twist - it's now a real-life tag game. 5 players connect to the app and choose to be either Pacman or one of the 4 Ghosts. Pacman's goal is to eliminate every Ghost (with the help of 4 super pellets located on the map), and the Ghosts' aim is to tag Pacman.

Final Project


Andy, Hannah, Jack, Matteo

Febuary 2015

Dinnr is a social app for organizing dinner parties, similar to Airbnb.

Final Project

Turn up Tune In

Andy, Hannah, Jack, Matteo

December 2014

A way to collaborate on creating a playlist, with the unique feature that the songs move with the person who chose them. You 'turn up' and your tunes go in. You leave and your tunes leave with you.

Final Project

One Day

Emily, Sanda, Luke, Johnathan, Huy

December 2014

A project for One Day from openIDEO. Connects young people searching for a job inspiration with professionals that are ready to share their passion for a one-day in-work experience.

Final Project

I Am Me

Charlie, Danielle, Ptolemy, India, Gus

December 2014

A visual calender app for a real life client.

Final Project

Charity Stop Aids

John, Chris H, Giorgia, Clare, Dale

October 2014

Would you rather? A project for the charity StopAids to increse student political engagment thorough Twitter with a 'Would you rather?' game allowing MPs to easily answer.

Final Project


Yvette, Camilla, Alex, Ella, Victoria

September 2014

A simply dashing way to track hackathons

Final Project


Bernard, Karin, Rachel, Ana, Elena, Dan

September 2014

Flicky Notes is a meeting app which allows you to write your own notes on a mobile device and then, with a simple swipe movement, send it to the board on your desktop.

Final Project


Andrew, Colin, Hadi, Andrew, Zeeshan

September 2015

Node Rover is a group final project from Makers Academy. The original task was to build some form of robot that could be controlled wirelessely. The team decided to make a robot based on the Mars rover (4 engines with continuous tracks). It was built from scratch, and you can control it via a Node.js server. The goal was to have a mobile first web app which could control several aspects of the rover (motor movement, claw, camera pan tilt bracket) over wifi.

Final Project


Elliot, Javier, Spike, Ethel

August 2015

Around the world, around 8000 tweets are sent per second. But what do people tweet about? The project visualises the moods of world regions based on tweets. Each word is analysed for emotional content using the AFINN database and given a score, e.g. +3 for 'happy' and -2 for 'sad'. The average score of a tweet determines its colour. Finally, the tweet is plotted on a HTML Canvas using the coordinates it was sent from.

Final Project


Charlotte, David, Jenny, Jeremy, Peter

June 2014

Bunch takes the arguments out of organising a meetup with friends. Just tell it where you're coming from and Bunch will find the best bars, cafes and restaurants in a central location that suits the whole group.

Final Project


Julia, Nic, Margherita

May 2014

Strides is a web app that helps marathon runners find suitable accommodation for their upcomming race.

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Pair Programming

Coach-led Workshops

Meditation, Yoga, 'Joy' activities

Hiring Support


Womens Discount

Careers Fair @MA HQ, London

Talks by Industry Leaders

Full Time, Offline, in London

Challenge-Based, by Makers Academy


Live, in Person

Certified Yoga Instructor On Site

Hiring Week + Intro to Hiring Partners



Live, in Person

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