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QardHasan Fellowship

Learn to code in 12 weeks from home

Makers Academy is Europe's leading bootcamp. We've teamed up with Qardhasan to deliver a limited amount of interest free loans for our remote course for anyone from a black, asian, ethnic background.

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Who is this fellowship for?

This fellowship is in the form of an interest free loan is for anyone from a black, asian or ethnic minority (BAME) background. To be considered you need to have done exceptionally well at the technical interview and be happy to commit to taking part in video and publicity to encourage more people from a BAME background to consider a career in tech. The candidate will also need to be looking for a junior developer job in either London or Manchester after the course.

What is the process?

Learning to code with Makers Academy is a serious commitment. To be considered you must complete the online resource Codecademy Ruby. You’ll need to fill in the form and record a video under 3 minutes on why you should receive this interest free loan. If selected you will be given more preparation work for the interview and asked to interview with us. We will then select a handful of people to receive the remote interest free loan.

What is a QardHasan?

In Islamic finance it is an interest-free loan. In qardhul hasam, the borrower only repays the principal amount. This is our way of enabling more people to access our course without having to compromise their beliefs.

Why is this targeted towards black and ethnic minority people?

This is part of a diversity initiative and you can read more about our partnership and why we're doing this in our blog post.

I'm not muslim can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you are from a black, asian or ethnicity minority background, you can be considered for this.

What are the repayment terms?

Once employed, you will be repaying the loan valued at £3500 at 10% of your net monthly income back via QardHasan to Makers Academy. This allows us to reinvest and create the same opportunities for people down the line. You can read the full repayment terms here.

Is there a deposit that will need to be paid?

If offered a place. You will need to pay a £500 deposit to secure your place on the course.

What is the facilitation fee?

QardHasan charges a one-time only 5% facilitation fee. This charge covers all of their technological, system, security and data costs for administering the loan from start to finish and will also need to be paid prior to commencing the course.

When will the Remote course start?

The Remote course will start full-time on the 3rd July 2017 with the PreCourse starting on 5th June 2017.

When is the deadline to apply for the interest free loan?

As we only have a limited number of loans, the earlier you get in your application the better but we won't be accepting applications beyond 1st of May 2017.


What are you looking for in the video?

We are looking for people who can really convey their passion for coding and why they want to make this change in their life. We want to see who you are!

How do I upload the video?

The video does not need to be slick and can be simply recorded on your phone or webcam. We need you to upload your film to a video hosting site and send us the link to it. A simple way to do this is via YouTube.

Why is this only for people looking for a Junior Developer job in either London or Manchester?

As you won't be paying for this course upfront and only paying a small amount every month once you get a job, it's important to us and you that we get you your first job as a junior developer. Currently our networks are only in London and Manchester.

Can I do this course part time?

Unfortunately not. One of the keys to our course is being immersed into full time coding. We don't offer a part time course at the moment.

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