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Our Team

We're a bunch of beautiful and diverse people here at Makers HQ. Come check us out.

Who are we?

We are senior programmers with decades of experience: machine learning experts, education theorists, designers, craftspeople, craft beer aficionados, and we all love what we do: taking complete beginners from zero to junior developer in 12 weeks.

Want to join the team? We're hiring! Check out this page for more details.

Without further ado, let's introduce the team.


Sales and Marketing Director

Jordan is our Sales and Marketing Director at Makers Academy. Jordan joined us as a student on our very first cohort. We were so impressed with his skills, we couldn't help ourselves but to make him an offer.



Roi is an MA graduate and has over 10 years of experience in print and web design with clients including Philips, Toshiba, Emirates Bank, and West End shows. Roi loves problem solving in any form, especially coding.


Head of Marketing

Arfah leads on the various marketing campaigns to get you excited about Makers Academy! There is a good chance that her work was, either directly or indirectly, responsible for bringing you to this page. She is always involved in various things from being Youth Trustee of charity Spark+Mettle to co-founding a skills development site for young people called Discoverables.


Junior Gatekeeper

Ollie has never been one to follow convention, so he left school at 17 to become an entrepreneur. He has previously worked in Apple Retail and in the growth department of an on-demand taxi company called Gett. He is currently 1 of 30 selected out of 500 top entrepreneurs in the UK for the year long entrepreneurs course called the New Entrepreneurs Foundation and first point of contact for Makers Academy, so if you're thinking of applying, you'll probably end up speaking to him at some point.


Chief Operating Officer

Ruben is part of the founding team at Makers, having himself taken the second course and built the career side of the business. Today, his focus is on the organisational structure and culture, the team and our strategic growth. Ruben is passionate about new [un]management styles, education and food.


Head of Careers

Will is one of those odd people who likes recruitment. Couple that with a passion for education and tech, mix in a history of starting and growing education startups, and he's found the perfect place to work. He also volunteers for a number of organisations including EdTech UK, Tech London Advocates, Learning Futures and The Tech Partnership.



Irina has been coding since her early teens. She moved to the UK from Moscow after finishing a computer science degree to help startups build web apps in Ruby on Rails. After being on the cutting edge of the industry for more than 5 years, she joined Makers team as a coach / engineer to bring our students war stories, best practices and passion for solving problems.



Dan graduated from Makers Academy and is now a Junior Developer/Coach. He primarily works on the the software applications used by Makers Academy staff and students, but also loves to pair with students to give them experience of 'real-world' development.



Nikesh is the self proclaimed gatekeeper for Makers Academy. After completing the course in June 2014, he refused to leave so we gave him a job. He now spends time selecting the best students for each cohort, facilitates the PreCourse and works with engineering to automate operations at Makers Academy. He also part of the Escape the City Founding Members and runs a charity in his “down” time.


Chief Executive Officer

Evgeny is a co-founder of Makers Academy. After graduating from uni with a masters degree in computer science, he worked for several years as a software developer in London. He knows first-hand how hard it is to hire software developers and how easy it is to get a job for those who can code, so he's now building Makers Academy to help more people to code well.


Education Lead

Sam trained at Apple, taught, and ran a small software development company. He’s passionate about the psychology of education, and software craftsmanship. He has nearly a decade of experience building complex web applications in a variety of roles.


Chief Joy Officer

Dana is our Chief Joy Officer. She facilitates the well being of the students and staff. Everything from personal/group chats and advice to daily meditation. She is also our in-house Yoga teacher (RYT). Dana loves music and fun!



Ana has been with us since the very beginning. From onboarding students to tracking down receipts, she was responsible for keeping Makers HQ running! She has now jumped ship across to the coaching team after doing the course herself.


Operations Manager

Cata’s always been highly organized and brilliant at making things happen. She’s worked for the Chamber of Commerce as Head of Marketing & Communications, as well as managing the Operations for a top Venture Capital firm, later becoming an Associate. After working in finance and investment, she discovered her love of startups, and now works at Makers Academy as Operations Manager - she’s the glue that holds everything together.

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