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Makers Academy and Amazon collaborate to train Alexa Developers

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Budding Ruby developers, listen up - We’ll be showing you how to set up Alexa web interactions using Ruby. You’ll learn how to create custom skills for Alexa, and implement complex features using session storage and persistence. Any day now we’ll be launching 6 free training modules which will teach you how to build new skills for Alexa.

“We believe that voice represents the next major disruption in computing,” said Rob Pulciani, Director, Alexa. “It’s a great time for developers to take advantage of this new form of interaction and to learn to build voice-first experiences. We’re excited to be working with Makers Academy to offer even more resources for our developer community.”

At Makers Academy, we pride ourselves on keeping pace with the tech industry, coaching our students in the latest technologies and methodologies. Working with Amazon to keep our ever-evolving curriculum up to date is a fantastic opportunity to equip our developers with the skills they need for the future, and we’re delighted that the wider developer community will get to enjoy these materials too!

Sign up now for updates on the Alexa Skills Kit training.