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From Finance to Fintech

Kickstart your career as a software engineer

Did you know that finance professionals like you have found creative and fulfilling careers in software development? If you’re interested in leading tomorrow’s industries, our intensive program sets you up to become a high quality professional software developer.

Compare the Market
Financial Times
Deloitte Digital
Pivotal Labs
Marks and Spencer Labs

Change your future

in only 12 weeks

Our intensive course includes a month long PreCourse and 12 weeks full-time learning onsite.

Future Proof

Your Career

Learn to code if you want to keep on learning. Continue to be in demand with up-to-date skills after your current job becomes automated.

Fast Route

Into Tech

In just 4 months you could become a software engineer and become part of the future of FinTech

Be An


Use your problem-solving powers for good. If you want a new intellectual challenge, start solving problems in a way that is tangible.

Secure your dream job

At a company of your choice

We have the UK’s largest Careers team dedicated to finding you a job after the end of the course. Job offer guaranteed.

Graduated July 2016

Mara Wanot

Tech Recruiter to Junior Developer at The Financial Times

Makers Academy is a life investment that will free you out of a boring job

Graduated January 2016

Deon Tan

Financial analyst to Junior Software engineer at Gower Street Analytics

My Makers Academy experience was awesome. Within 2 weeks from when I started to apply to jobs I had 3 offers!

Graduated August 2015

Kirsten Jones

Lawyer to Junior Developer at Financial Times

Makers Academy is an incredible environment to learn in. You don't just learn to code here but you also have lots of fun and meet great people and have an amazing support network of expert coders and wellbeing support.

Graduated May 2014

Mario Gintili

Economics Student to Junior Developer at Show My Homework

Since graduation my life is much better. I have good job prospects with growth opportunities.

“After a successful five years, Makers Academy continue to offer courses to students from all over the world. CEO Evgeny Shadchnev explained: ‘To be a software developer, you not only need the technical skills, you need communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence and should be able to work well with others.”

“Courses such as Makers Academy focus on practical, hands-on coding experience and are able to stay up-to-date with industry changes by updating the course curriculum every six weeks in line with feedback from the companies that hire Makers Academy graduates.”

“This is where the boot camp environment at Makers Academy really comes into its own and why it is often worth investing in such a course for those serious about becoming a developer. There is no greater incentive than seeing those around you working hard, absorbed in what they are doing. When you get stuck, you don’t have to suffer in silence.”

Come to our Demo Day

We’d love to show you around Makers, showcase what our developers have built and answer any questions you might have.