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Makers Academy is Europe's leading Web Developer bootcamp. With our help, you'll learn the principles of software craftsmanship and we'll also help you get your first job as a developer.

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Graduated Remote November 2016

Amaal Ali

Assistant Lecturer to Junior Developer at Sage UK

An amazing transformative experience that has taught me how to be a developer

Graduated September 2016

Sophie Gill

Project Manager to Junior Developer at ANDigital

Makers Academy was intense and lifechanging

Graduated August 2016

Anna Smith

Criminal lawyer to Junior Developer at the BBC

The Makers experience was unlike any other. I have learnt to code and carved out a new career for myself alongside some of the most diverse and inspiring people I have ever met.

Graduated Remote September 2016

Joe Sweeny

Flooring Director to Junior Developer at Opia

My life has changed dramatically, I have knowledge and skills that I didn't even know existed this time last year.

Graduated Remote April 2016

Richard Watkins

Science Teacher to Junior Developer at Shift

I landed the job 28 days after finishing the course.