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The job board exclusively for Europe's leading developer bootcamp

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We've been helping large companies hire our developers for many years and they pay us £5,000 per hire for the privilege. However, not all companies can afford our entire suite of services, so we've created this new platform as a means to help smaller employers like you get access to our amazing software developers.

How does it work?

1. Post a Job

Submit your full job description to our system through a simple form and make it available to the Makers Academy talent pool.

2. We Advertise

We'll check your role and ensure it's right for our developers. We'll then advertise it for 6 weeks on our internal job board.

3. Receive Applications

You'll receive applications as you would with a typical job board. We'll leave it up to you to find the right candidates for your company.

Consistently Brilliant

You have to be amazing to study at Makers Academy. We have a tough selection process, which tests for determination and technical aptitude, and accepts < 10% of applicants. We find exceptional people for you, and then train them.


Our students spend 10-14 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, learning to be developers. They're mostly career-changers and know what working hard is: the kind of developers a startup or growing company needs.

No hit & miss

The only people who will see your job will be super-smart, super-driven Makers Academy trained developers. The ratio of high-quality, brilliant people is much higher than any other source of talent. There's always around 45 job hunters.

A platform to let you

Advertise your role

We're allowing you to put your company in front of the best junior developers looking for work right now

the best

job board

We're allowing you to put your company in front of the best junior developers looking for work right now

It's a closed, private platform, only accessible to the developers who have completed the course and are actively job-hunting. They've spent a lot of time and money learning to code therefore extremely eager to start working as soon as possible. It's not hit-and-miss like other job platforms - you know you'll only receive applications from the developers we train.

Who they are

Makers Academy developers are passionate, driven, curious and engaged.

They solve their own problems, are exceptionally fast and effective learners, and understand the business context beyond the code.

The majority of our graduates have been successful in another industry, including law, marketing, banking, design, and many more: that's experience they'll bring to your company.

Jonathan learned to code at Makers Academy

Jonathan Gardiner

Digital Marketer to Junior Developer at Global Web Index

Graduated February 2016

James learned to code at Makers Academy

James Borrell

Mechanical Engineering Student to Junior Developer at Wazoku

Graduated February 2016

Arnold learned to code at Makers Academy

Arnold Manzano

Electronic Engineer to Junior Developer at PensionBee

Graduated April 2016

Deon learned to code at Makers Academy

Deon Tan

Financial analyst to Junior Software engineer at Gower Street Analytics

Graduated January 2016

Aaron learned to code at Makers Academy

Aaron Sweeney

Finance to Junior Developer at Showtime Analytics

Graduated January 2016

Matt learned to code at Makers Academy

Matt Paul

Sound engineer to Junior Developer at Seenit.io

Graduated Febuary 2016

Emily learned to code at Makers Academy

Emily Worrall

Maths graduate to Junior Developer Festicket

Graduated November 2015

Anindya learned to code at Makers Academy

Anindya Bhattacharyya

Journalist to Junior Developer at PensionBee

Graduated November 2015

Adrian learned to code at Makers Academy

Adrian Booth

Finance to Junior Developer at Spabreaks

Graduated November 2015

Giuseppe learned to code at Makers Academy

Giuseppe De Santis

Technical Support to Junior Developer at AppyParking

Graduated October 2015

Tim learned to code at Makers Academy

Tim Robertson

Integrity analyst to Junior Developer at Populi Ltd

Graduated July 2015


Developers every 4 weeks


Average Age


Female Engineers


hours of coding

ThoughtWorks usually hires just 1% of people we interview
but we've hired 68% of the people we interviewed from Makers Academy.

Jade Daubney, Recruitment Change Lead, ThoughtWorks

Makers Academy is a Conveyor Belt of Awesome.
There's no other source of recruitment I'd put this much energy into.

Martin Aspeli, Head of Engineering, Deloitte Digital

A lot of software engineering graduates haven't done anywhere near as much actual software development as your guys. Their ability to organise, cooperate and just get things done is something you don’t see in most seniors, let alone juniors.

Mark McGlinchey, Global Head of Software, FNZ

The Makers Academy graduates we hired have been awesome. We thought we'd need more resource alongside them, but that hasn't been the case: they're just so good!

Matthew Bradburn, Head of Talent Acquisition, Qubit

Your grads can actually code: they're able to approach a problem and build a quality solution. They hit the ground running, where uni grads typically have a bigger learning curve. Makers grads add value from day one and have demonstrated they’re able to quickly progress.

Dan Bass, Senior Manager of Software Engineering, Compare the Market

Makers Academy helps us find people who have the aptitude for coding and the attitude for business: we know they already have the basic tools in place and are thoroughly committed to learning how to solve problems with programming.

Lee-Jon Ball, CTO, Alliants

Makers Academy gives us people who can deliver valuable products in a short time, using agile methods:
exactly what we're looking for.

Eric Lagel, Emerging Business Tech, Atos Consulting

Makers Academy graduates develop more in a year than anyone else we hire -
they would be our first choice for juniors.

Ross Heritage, CTO, Mergermarket Group

It'll only cost you


To advertise as many roles as you need!

* This is an introductory price for our Beta launch, only available for for companies with fewer than 50 employees. You'll pay once we're happy with your job advert, for as many roles as you'd like to hire. Your ad will appear for 6 weeks. Price excludes VAT.

Start Advertising Your Roles

Who will apply?

You'll have access to the same people as any other company via the platform. The main difference being that larger companies benefit from us doing a lot of upfront work for them and ensuring they get the right candidates.

What's the training?

Makers Academy students learn how to be professional software developers and work in Java, C#, iOS, Scala, Elixir, Ruby, Python and obviously JavaScript. The important things they learn are behaviours, attitudes and methodologies.

Where are they based?

Our software developers are mostly in London and Manchester, with many in other UK cities and parts of Europe and USA. However, we’re growing fast and would love to chat about your location.